Marika - Lullaby For J lyrics

I see you. you dn't know what to do with your life
don't know what to do with your future
who to trust now. I see you. you don't know how long
your breath is going to last, but you remember long
when someone has gone.
You want to pay the world back.

Oh...girl friend, open your eyes
and dance your story on
or close them and dream on your beautiful dream

I see you. you make wild conjectures
you make wild guesses
your imagination, girl friend plays tricks on you.
I see you. your hope leads your astray
you don't know what to choose
no, you don't know waht to choose
from the rich variety life holds in store for you
hope springs eternal in the human beast,
as someone once said, but you can't
live through you life happily
trusting no one.