Mariah Carey - The Roof (feat. Mobb Deep) lyrics (Chinese translation). | (I got you stuck off the realness)
, (I got you stuck off the realness)
, It wasn't raining yet
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Mariah Carey - The Roof (feat. Mobb Deep) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: (I got you stuck off the realness)
ZH: (你塞关闭失真)

EN: (I got you stuck off the realness)
ZH: (你塞关闭失真)

EN: It wasn't raining yet
ZH: 然而不下雨

EN: But it was definitely a little misty on
ZH: 但它是绝对上有点忧郁

EN: That warm November night
ZH: 那温暖的 11 月夜空

EN: And my heart was pounding
ZH: 我的心在狂跳

EN: My inner voice resounding
ZH: 我内心的声音回响

EN: Begging me to turn away
ZH: 求我转身离开

EN: But I just had to see your face
ZH: 但我刚看到你的脸

EN: To feel alive
ZH: 要活着的感觉

EN: And then you casually walked in the room
ZH: 然后你随便走在房间里

EN: And I was twisted in the web
ZH: 我被扭到网站中

EN: Of my desire for you
ZH: 对你的欲望

EN: (And I was twisted)
ZH: (和我被扭)

EN: My apprehension blew away
ZH: 我担心把我吹走

EN: I only wanted you
ZH: 我只想让你

EN: To taste my sadness
ZH: 来尝尝我的悲伤

EN: As you kissed me in the dark
ZH: 当你吻了我在黑暗中

EN: [Chorus:]
ZH: [合唱:]

EN: Every time I feel the need
ZH: 每次我觉得有必要

EN: I envision you caressing me
ZH: 我想像你爱抚着我

EN: And go back in time
ZH: 和时光倒流

EN: To relive the splendor of you and I
ZH: 重温你我的辉煌

EN: On the rooftop that rainy night
ZH: 那个雨夜屋顶上

EN: And so we finished the Moet
ZH: 所以我们完成空腹

EN: And started feeling liberated
ZH: 并开始解放了的感觉

EN: And I surrendered as you took me
ZH: 当你花了我投降

EN: In your arms
ZH: 在你的怀抱

EN: (You took me in your arms)
ZH: (你带我在你的怀抱)

EN: I was so caught up in the moment
ZH: 我太沉醉在这一刻

EN: I couldn't bear to let you go yet
ZH: 我不忍心让你走

EN: So I threw caution to the wind
ZH: 所以我将谨慎抛到风

EN: And started listening to my longing heart
ZH: 开始听我渴望的心

EN: And then you softly pressed your lips to mine
ZH: 然后你轻轻按下你亲吻我的嘴唇和

EN: And feelings surfaced I'd suppressed
ZH: 浮出水面的感情我已经压制

EN: For such a long long time
ZH: 这种很长很长的时间

EN: (And I was lifted)
ZH: (和我取消了)

EN: And for a while I forgot
ZH: 一段时间我忘了

EN: The sorrow and the pain
ZH: 悲伤和痛苦

EN: And melted with you as we stood
ZH: 和我们站在融化你

EN: There in the rain
ZH: 那里在雨中

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Last night I dreamed that I
ZH: 昨天晚上我梦到我

EN: Whispered the words I love you
ZH: 小声说我爱你

EN: And touched you so very
ZH: 所以非常感动你

EN: Subtly as we were kissing goodbye
ZH: 巧妙地为我们接吻再见

EN: (Pretty baby - How I'm missing you)
ZH: (漂亮宝贝-如何我是失踪你)

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]