Maria - Miss You lyrics

I know I told you I don't feel the way I used to
I know I said things that were hard to accept from me
But please believe that now the pain's catching up with me
Tell me how can I make you see
That, baby, all the pain I've caused, I'm making up for it now
And I've had some time all to myself and I think I've figured it out

I never miss you 'til you're gone away from me
I took your love for granted, now it's killing me
And every time it happens this way, right when I let you go
I mean stay, but I never miss you 'til you're gone away from me

And it's so funny 'cause I never thought I'd feel like this now
And if you never come back what am I to do how
Will I ever mend this broken heart, I know I'm the one to blame
Know I need you in my life for everything to be the same
Was searching for someone I thought would have everything I need
When love was right in front of me

Chorus till end