Marc Almond - Crime Of Love lyrics

In an Ecbatana Palace
All golds and silks
Demonic beauties
Adolescent Satans
Indulge in every sin
To the music of the sea

Beautiful feast of the sins
Desires shine with brutal fiery light
Like harassed servants appetites
Go round decanting bright red wine

Dances floating on wedding song
Sway in a long swoon of sobs
Man and women sing in great chorales
Sing music trembling like the sea

So full of deep enchantment
In the sweetness of these things
Countryside blooms with roses
And night is a diamond

The loveliest of these bad angel
Is aged sixteen and crowned with flowers
Arms folded over ruffs and fringes
He dreams his eyes ablaze with tears

He pays no heed to cavorting
His siblings Satans try in vain
To lure him out of desolation
With a welcome of wide open arms

He doesn't fall for the blandishments
Distress places its black butterfly
On that face forever set
To burn with anguish and despair