Maras - Follow The Maras lyrics

Awake from your cold, cold home
When the full moon rises above to see
The final day is chanting so loud
Dragons will cover Mater Zemlya above
I whisper on tongues so foreign for me
To the spirits of winds, the sirens of trees
Where tranquility dies into overcast shades
She will awake you to fill the frost
Inside the veins of grandsons of Stribog
I will die in blaze alone with the moon
And there will be my last life
Shifting to the nightmare realms
I will tear the alee up and kiss the grave
Follow the Maras
Nothingness' below, there I shall sink
To see the sun dying on the other side of world
In different domain under wings of North
Come, dragons, burn my ashes of gray
Inside the veins of Mater Zemlya
My blood becomes her frost
'Cause know this is the last flickering night
With stars glimpsing not to see the sun