Maqlu - Purple lyrics

I saw you in a dream one night
I reached for you to hold you tight
And waited for so very long
Never cared what might go wrong
Dream made flesh, flesh made lust
I saw your eyes reflect your trust
Will you harvest what I seed?
Come for me now

How I wonder

Where were you in the morning light
Dissolved like all the stars of the night
Seems like that's always your game
Hide to see who'll call your name
Dream made fix, fix made fiend
I think we both need to come clean
Will you give me what I need?
Come with me now

From the edge of my dreams
He bleeds into my mind
Fades in and out with each beat
He crawls deep under my skin
and jolts me awake in the night

Dream come nightmare, toss and turn me
Raise the stakes and try to burn me
Think you know the answer, dear?
Watch you drown in your own fears
Dream made force, force made blight
Another sweat-soaked blackened night