Mansions Fatima - Only Losers Take The Bus (Dump The Dead) lyrics

Up there ahead
is a backstreet where they dump the dead
Maybe you could get out there
Stretch those legs and get some air

I'm born again in hail and flames (Goldrush almighty!)
Go tell it loud to all my slaves (Goldrush almighty!)
You scum don't have the fear of God
All that's left is the iron rod (Goldrush almighty!)

Let's go down, kiss the plough
Public system, burn down!
and let memory fade--nothing is wrong!
Only losers take the bus

Churchill was a shopping bag (Goldrush almighty!)
Can you draw the Chinese flag? (Goldrush almighty!)
It's three blue lines and six dahlias
Paris is in India (Goldrush almighty!)

Let's go down on my friends
All alone, we descend
Plastic food, TV...take your eyes offa me!
Only losers take the bus

("Fuck you!")

And we cry out with joy as we drive through the rain
and our enemies claw from every goddamned side!
Only losers take the bus
Only losers, only losers, only losers take the bus
I'm no loser, I'm a letch! ("Fuck you!")
God made me a letch! ("Fuck you!")
Understand! I'm not one of them, I'm not one of them... ("Fuck you!")