Manning - The House On The Hill lyrics

I. The Frame

I'm standing staring at this photograph
I thought I saw you start to smile
Curled edges & sellotape, beauty and entropy entwined

I fall in love with this memory
I fall in love with this face
I will reach down through the Ages and stop Time & Space

Turn back the clocks!
Along the Hawking miles
Folded in on ourselves in some paradigm

I see myself walking slowly in Autumn
Kicking stones down some leafy English lane
& suddenly it hits me, I'm alone, I call your name

Cold sepia glass
I feel the moments pass me by
the house on the hill is so far away.

II. Travel Plans

Fixate on a single point in Time
These butterfly wings can still arise
Inner point of view locked in my heart
Ride on the beam back to the start

Mad jugglers stand in line,
& they recognise their King!
Tumblers in the clockwork mind begin…
…they begin to sing

Thin gossamer webs with strange designs
Promised whispers from the other side
- A trick of the light, a trick on the mind
No worries at all about what's left behind

Court jesters wait in line,
They recognise - not a thing!
Players of the morbid games begin
we begin to sing

III. The Other Shoreline

It’s Alright, It’s OK
Under the portal gaze there is some calm
& some waiting & some breathing
It's not quite how I thought it would be,
but then what do I know?
Got to get my dead ducks in a row

Ferryman, here is your coin
Take me to the other side
But hurry now I'm all for being on my way
Slip through the moorings, feel the oars
Cast adrift on the other shore
my destiny is there, waiting for me

No sounds of water
No slipstream in our wake
I'm into the Shadowlands
Where the dead are still awake

No signs of any Grand Estates
In this wasteland, desolate
I search for her amongst the lost blank faces
Black & white, all shapes & sizes
the overwhelming sorrow that this flow comprises
I look for her within the wandering crowd...but she's not there

IV. Into the Light

Left staring at this photograph
I only want to see you smile
& there you are before me now, found in Time

Turn back the clocks!
& make this moment last
Together as one, from out of the Past

Hand In Hand
We walk towards the horizon
Lost in each other's eyes
The House on the hill is not so far away

My journey's end
my heart's content
the end of the story as if it was always meant to be
& you are with me now!