Manning - Syndrome: Domicile lyrics

Beyond the boundaries of the City walls
The landscape shudders as it waits
In trepidation of the tidal wave
That piles its pressure on the gates
It flows unchecked across Antarctica
And mingles with the Equatorial Seas
Nature cringes with its hands above its head
To fend off the lightning blows it deals

The 'running man' so small and lost in these lands
Afraid of scale danger and change
Seeks safety in numbers, refuge in sabotage
Sticking pins in the heels of a giant to see what remains
And as the artificial light, pours onto the streets of our Ghost towns
Man fights his wars to keep them lit ( beacons to his shit)
Burns the deserts, with the philosophy of a Viking madman
And melts the ice to cover it

Domicile - Earth Dwellers
Where do you run to now? (x2)

We wrote the script for two minutes of the planets' life
And discarded half the cast
Catalogues of extinction
Volumes of destruction
In our promised land
Worried that the good times might not last
Like Rome before the fall
Civilization...(sitting on the edge)
Eats, drinks and is merry, tomorrow it dies
White moss prepares for its invasion of the acidic waters
In the stinking oceans
And no one will record our cries
Outside the light is growing dim again
Temperature drops below the line
Nothing moves in the haze of the boiling orange Sun

Evaporated Domicile (x2)