Manning - Owning Up lyrics

Did I dream a little too hard for you, did I lie awake too long?
Did I kill all of those moments from a need to feel it strongly
Did I make a dozen castles from a grain of shifting sand
And did I use you in a way I'll never understand

Was that time for you so special, did it rank up there at all?
Or a last fling divergence on accelerating fall
Did I justify the emotion, did I try to write your lines?
Did I need to need you so much, at the time?

When I got the letter from her and I knew that you had gone
Did I feel a rush of sorrow, did I feel a massive wrong?
Did I want to feel so wretched so I could purge an aching soul?
Or was I pulling down the dam (x2)
instead of mending the hole

Did I launch into bravado, did I go into my act
Did I prefer to play it my way and sign some unsealed pact
Did I cry as loud as anyone could and give it my best shot?
Did I do you any justice or did I not?

Sometimes things work out right and then things get in the way
And when you hold them to the light....
You're with me still
But we were only friends