Mani Coolin' - Free My Mind (feat. Cozz) (2015)

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Mani Coolin' - Free My Mind (feat. Cozz) lyrics

[Verse 1: Mani Coolin']
Not really tryna be a business man
Man these bitches trippin' but I'm liking all they pictures man
Flippin' through the script, skipping shits
Skip through the street like I skip
Straight through school just to be a who is he the same
Nigga that you heard about
Word of mouth cannot wait until the word is out
Hot if the bird is out, I heard it's murder outside
Gas ro the niggas with their mouth wide
Talkin' shit, [?] nigga, we ain't tryna smell that
Grew on on Krenshaw at Washington, 22nd on Bronson
Before I started rapping in my city, I was poppin'
That's a fuckin' fact
Breaking down the woods like a lumber jack
Run it back, I might hit her twice then I'm done with that
Air Forces on my feet backwards shorty, I run with that
And my shorty call me that, get mad when I don't call her back
Back then I only could imagine this
Now I'm thinking bigger shit, not cop a whip
More like cop a crib
That Hope4TheYouth
That's a little bit of proof
All I need is a whole lot of weed
I'm cool you can keep your juice
Spend a whole lot of time giving me In the booth
Spend a whole lot of time keeping me away from you
Always say I think of me, never you
But if you had to choose, between me and the world, what you do?
It's between me and you, I chose
I chose...

[Hook: Mani Colin'] (x2)
Ain't got no worry on my mind now
Never worry 'bout the time now
I just need to free my mind now
Just need to clear my mind now

[Verse 2: Cozz]
Should I be flattered at how my attitude bad
Cause unoriginal rappers after a style
And [?] master I flip the script
My flow switch quick, it don't matter
Slow grind, but I move faster
I have a millions styles if I have to
You want one that bad you can have one
Of course you gotta pay for it
I just get better with times so don't even waste yours
While you in your place snoring, I'm up late tryna take more
I've been gunning for my dreams, you shooting for yours?
Yeah a lot of niggas rap, only a few of them stars
I go on stage and I kill that shit
Go on stage, niggas feel that shit
This that real ass shit
Cozz & Effect at Best Buy, drug dealers like "let's ride
And go steal that shit, we gon' deal that shit
That's that pure crack, that pure facts"
Couldn't sop me if you tried, just know and enjoy that
I'm lookin' at your maps
Plottin' on spending my tour racks
I've been a broke nigga once and I ain't going back
But that was before rap
On them bus stops, back pack and of course snacks
Mama like "see you later sweetie", "Ok mama"
Mama like "Don't be late for PE", "Ok mama"
Mama like "Take off that Raiders beanie", "Ma I got ya"
See livin' in these neighborhoods come with anxiety
She'd rather me blend in with the bums of society
Fine that's fine with me

[Hook: Mani Colin']
Ain't got no worry on my mind now
Never worry 'bout the time now
I just need to free my mind now
Just need to clear my mind now