Manchester - Equally Yoked lyrics

I stare for hours at a long lost friend
The frame is cracked and worn
No flag to wave no song to sing
Your faith has made it nullified
So walk you have the upper hand
I cannot live this way
I will stand up on my own
As if you gave me something
So quick to play the martyr roll
I've seen it two times before
Caná‚'t please them anymore
Routinely I compromise
Blank expression by dog
And yet I comprehend
A switch of roles and I would smile again
Have a feast with you
Itá‚'s like I shut down blocked it out
Doná‚'t waste you time or thoughts on me
I will be fine lifeá‚'s not that hard
Cause in time youá‚'ll see
I am one act from being decent
In awhile Iá‚'ll nurse my pride and
Wont turn away confront it
Face the ones that accuse me on my own