Manatarms - The Cutted Tail Of A Small Lizard lyrics

The Letter you`ll never Get

From the powers of creation came a cursed sperm
S0 that’s how my geography was born
And riddles came in every sobriquet you named
To mold my answers like a wall of clay

Raise all to see the bastard
Your convictions are a whore that goes every day to work,
That goes every day to pray for another day unpunished

Glory temp`s men with pleasure and grace
Blazing the flags of destruction

Fat heavy hand falls like an anvil
Then, vomit the needles that nailed me on my wall
With one look unleash a killer bee plague
With your hook kiss me good night

But I see you through the fog
You are two persons build up by hypocrisy and greed
Become the shuffler of identity
Taking something here and add a little there
Know that you sold the rock on were we stand

So is this the way you wanted?
Is this like you planned?
Is this how you needed to live?
Two faces

And please, don’t start telling me about your boring and lonely life
Don’t try to impress me with your goals, scores, and irrelevant tales
Or any prove of manhood you could ever had

Genetic trick us both
Sitting under purple falls
The orcas make a choir out of my moans

It’s just a funny thing that you were boss man
Its just a funny thing that im your boss now
Just a funny thing
Boss man

Saying yes to your right, saying yes to your left (attention to al units a esquizofrenic has been identify/he is not aware of his mental state nor of the people around him / dont open fire/ we want him alive)
A balance that keeps you safe from been consequent

And what about the words you preech,
the ones you said with amazing conviction
same words that left fireprints in my diary

Watching TV o.d
Bitter with every sip you drink
Fatter with every comercial you see
Your fool of it

Money makes you forget the feeling you once had in the past
Who was born in a pact of trust?
Inside, you stole my childhood

Make amends to your crusifiction
Except your death will past unaware

If you were wounded i`ll wash you with fire roots in a ocean of vinegar
Fuck it.
Life will caught up with you