Manatarms - Hostage Host lyrics

I’m trying to find you

I don’t have a clue of how you were born inside of me
But the steps are wise and you could be mine
Only lion tamers are killed by lions

When I was attacked by the strangers of the place
It seems the changing fem was woken up

To dominate the last one of the race, we fought
Struggle to subdue the one who will keeps us alive

But it’s an unfair match
She is leaving me naked
making my arms move
And she knows it
Relativisation; my weapon
My tools; the substances
My method; a habit

It will keep me away from you
It will help me destroy you

You are deep in me,
So much I can’t get ripped off you
And you show up with so many forms
Tell me who’s the right for me
This letter is giving me away
Tell me if im swimming with you know
You’re forcing me to leave

And since I’m in my twenties
And I have used them since my latest fifteen ´s
I coul say they have been a part of my cornerstone
They have teach there are no bounds
And show I could be another
You are my bound

It will keep me away from you
It will help me destroy you

This is what I need to be out of me

I’m trying not to come back
These feelings ain`t the same
Right here im well with this sensation
As time goes by im turning back to you.