Mama Sweet - I'll Do It Again lyrics

I'll Do It Again

Feet on the sidewalk
The sun on my face
Don't know where I'm off to
Just out of this place

Went searching for silver
In a city of gold
Don't do what I outta
Just do what I'm told

Your love had ended
Before it begun
Sweet salted kisses
But you're not the one

So I'll do it again
And I'll do it again

Drove two thousand miles
Two minutes too late
With a fist full of flowers
I stood at your gate

But a snow must have fallen
Because my footsteps are gone
I looked back for you
You were gone all along

So I'll do it again
And I'll do it again

I said I love you
I must have lied
There's no use in askin'
If my words make you cry

Cause I have seen sunshine
And it felt just like rain
There is no pleasure
Greater than pain

So I'll do it again