Maliibu Miitch - Valid (2013)

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Maliibu Miitch - Valid lyrics

Always on my shiiiiiitttttt
Whn icomee arounddd

Mannnn thy talkin shittttttttttttt
Whn iturn around

Homieee im just validddd
Thts yy thyy come around

Homieeee im just validdddd
Thts yy tht come around

1st Verse

Damn im supa swaggy
Haters still harse me

Smokin hella weed
Execuse my voice its kinda raspy

Coughin call me weezy
Can u pull the window dwn please

Because this weed is bumpin
Ithink ijust need to get lost

Blunts is big ass fukk
Tell emmm im just smoken rick ross

Break a niggahh down
I dont Cuff nigga fukk off

Damn this dude is mad
He was on the edge
& jumped off

Knuckin & buckin
U hates can't tell me nothin

IBe Gooned & thuggin
Yo bitch thnk she muggin

Shee just look crossed eyed
& i think thy boutaa pop outt

He said nahh she look like tht
Uu need o2 gett her checked outt

Cuzz Bitchh u just dont look too
Dnt matta if u racked outt

Bitch uu just dont look too good
Dont matter if uu racked outt

Banks rolls ain't a thanggg
Cuzz yoo face is lookin X'd out

Yo mama thts a shame
Shuldaa nevaa pushed
Yooo ass outt

Tlkin all tht shit
Mann Ijust wana push yo button hannn


Whts with all the haten
Uu Said my sh*t dum hott

Thought uu was my partnaaa
& uu talkin all tht wht not

Uu gott feed
Ibroke bread

Whn u ain't have
No type spread

Iaint tell nobodii tht uu still
Sleep on thm bunckkk beds

Whn u open yo mouth
It just smells likee
Ohhhh whoo farted

Im just tryna be humble
Cuzz iaint the one who started

Bu ican brin the beef
IJust whooper her with my choopah

To badd ima rapper
Aka a little trapper

Sellin drugs behind the scenes
But uu bitches think im actin

Sell a poundd ovvv ohhhhh weee
O4 them rolley's & thm doobies

& thm molly's igottahh em
Have ur ass feelin jolly

& my spanish boii be talkin
Ohhh Yahhh , dale lil mamii

He a nasty little fukker
He just wanna toss my salad

Ima bronx Gawd Bitchh
Tht means im bout it & valid

Use to run these street
Yung Thuggin
Ask abou me dnt
Doubt it

Ima pretty mutha fukka
Thts y thy doubt it