Malefactor - Echoes Of Lemuria lyrics

[Lyrics: Lord Vlad]

Sumerian archives, blizzard of men
Forgotten past returning from the sea
(Sea of) Secrets of mine, secrets of you
When hands of men loose it's rings

The sons of cosmos prepared to reborn
Playing their trumpet in the ocean's womb
Portrait of your soul will be revealed
The touch of Lemuria... you can feel

Only I know, the secrets of the stones and the gold
The symbol of the dog is mine
Bridges of conscience and hope
Under water, into fire
Only I see, the roots of the lemurian trees
The non-chronological fate
Shelters of all human being
Beyond the stars, in the sea

Lyrans, Sirians, Pleiadians [3X] Lemurians

Someday the sons of the ocean will return

Creatures of the underworld, descending of the light
Surrounded by the ancient signs, preparing new age's sons

Hearing echoes of Lemuria
Hear it...
Coming home again