Malas - Legions Of Legions lyrics

Accursed life
Contained in a timeless death
Reflections of the past
Disturb treacherous souls' unrest
Poisoned blood of Christ
Forever denying the truth
Too soon demise the church
What will your soul decide to do?
Divine lord
Craving unholy wars for all time
Demons ordained from Satan's throne
Demand possession of all
Seduction of god
Raping the guardians of good
Arise my demos' will
Is mine to command
Weekend disciples fall
Denounce your scared faith
Cursed to eternity
Exploiting Christ's false claims
The new birth of hell begins
Massacres through out the world
Pay penance
For your god's sins
Crown your new horned king
All evil decides the truth
Consummate with blood
Consuming the earth
Legions of legions