Mal V Moo - Verge Of Extinction lyrics

I must say im so disappointed in my hood
Im sick of tired of the things in it not being good
Baby momma drama daddy got shot now gone for good
Gang related violence left family with nowhere to look
Red flagging
Too many bodies being bagged and
Have mercy
Lord have mercie
Bodies now adays cut up like beef jerky
It saddens
Yes im saddened
We dyin everyday but we sittin playin Madden
Tryna play moves n pray that its the right one
And if it is the right one, still try to dogde the gun

We're on the verge of extinction
Soon we'll be long gone and dead
If we continue to go down the path that we're on
There will be none of us left

Fightin over streets that we don't own, don't u kno thats bull
And if u wear a color i don't like, then we fight, who made that rule?

And then when you get locked up u look like a damn fool
And then u got ur family disappointed cuz they know better they taught u
Since when was it ever cool to pass along a std?
You foolin
So u dropped out of school then?
U need that education i suggest u roll bak in
Get ur mind right
Please get ur mind right
We don't need another body layin on the pave tonight
Please get it together and do something good with your life
Or else you'll never get those wings for the flight


I want you to pull through
And stay here
Not disappear