Mal V Moo - Music My Drug

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Mal V Moo - Music My Drug lyrics

Its a friday night
I'm feelin good and lookin right
But thats not whats on my mind
I just wanna dance, do a lil wind
Its about that time, to let it all go
Its been a good minute since i had my last dose

Music is the blunt I smoke and melodies are my anti-depressants
Please give me a double dose, i can't feel the effects yet

I'm gettin sorta hot
The music's loud and I cant stop dancin

I wanna take off these clothes,
But i don't wanna have to deal with these men then
I just wanna stay in my zone
Get high, sky high, till they tell me to head home
Oooh i hear a new song
The beat is nice, sounds like Chris Brown
I remember when he made "Take you down"
And now to his new song i'm gettin down
And i'm happy theres an unlimited supply of this drug around