Mal Madrigal - Demons lyrics

If I die tonight, will the wind blow and howl?
Will it tear through the trees just to swallow my soul?
Is my mother alone or is she consoled?
Does the world still weep for the too young and the too old?

If I die tonight, am I martyred or saved?
Do the heavens have place for a life lost in vain?
Am I finally free or eternally chained . . . tonight?

I asked every question I knew how to ask.
I called upon God and I took him to task.
I was set on some changes, but they didn't last.

If I lie tonight will you still be my friend?
When the truth comes around, can we make amends?
Can you love me for all the wicked things that I am?

If I'm chasing down demons, whose side am I on?
If I did what I could but I wasn't that strong,
Did you think of me greater,
Or knew what I was, all along?