Makio - Dial Tone (2011)

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Makio - Dial Tone lyrics

If i get this busy tone one more time is then when I’ll lose my mind
Pick up the phone and i’ll be calling dear
Keeps going straight to your voice nell
Your baby work my hell
We in the moment ..what’s going on with you
I know you mad but don’t give me that
You saw me skinning working i’m shading
Broken and leaning up in the club and what
How can the sun she’s no one against fall
Girl pick up the phone

girl what’s up ..know it’s ..
..when she at when she don’t know
It’s somebody with the
Turn my joke and sent to a killer
You know it’s me girl pick up the phone
I know you’ve been .. alone
...think it through ..i get it the ..

Girl many times i’m feelin the ..
Hearing your voice sayin that you ain’t home
And that can’t come to the phone
Bet out the same time when she was you
I was talking to I’m glad and i won’t be mad
Tell me where you at girl
Hope you say .. I’ll be coming up soon
Like i know that i’m drunk and i’m acting the fool
But i don’t know what to do
So i keep calling you, calling you, calling you


2 x
..sitting here girl i’m all alone
You got me rolling you going on the phone
You got me standing ooh ooh ooh ooh oohh