Makeshift3 - Road Less Traveled lyrics

Life's so hard to understand
We seem to live on the things that run this world
There's been two paths for us to follow
But only one will help and lead you to the truth
I can see the roads beside me
Wondering which road will lead me to my life
I want to be the one to follow
But some steps in my life have been led astray
Now there's been a choice
In which path to take
Reaching out your arms I choose my fate
Both roads are tempting me
Now I know and see
Only one be walked and will set me free
The path to light is long and narrow
With some hard times along the way
Your grace and mercy will serve to guide us
In the search of eternal life we'll stay.
We're close to the end
I look back and see
The well-worn path has ceased to be
Now i give to you
What i promised to
Giving you what i have had in me
The roads in life and mind are painful
In the end which will serve you right
And you can be with Him forever
If His path is in your sight