Makeshift3 - One Time lyrics

It's what you say
It's what you're fighting for
To get your point across you've got to stand up and fight some more
So worthy is the Lamb
Battalion of belief
Armed with word, book, brain, and heart
Most of the time it seems like it's us against the world
But we know we are in the right backed by our Lord Jesus Christ
One time my friend
With sharing the word can be the start
Speaking from inside
Plant the seed that turns heads and hearts
Are we just content in the promise of where we'll go?
Or is it a drive inside to have this same thing for them to know?
A spiritual war of non-violent acts
The winners being the ones who choose to follow God's narrow path
Time ticking down
Have you made your choice of where you want to spend eternity?
A witness of God's gift and through this blessed seed can grow faith