Maino - Mobbin (Remix) (feat. Busta Rhymes, Gucci Mane, Trae tha Truth, Jim Jones & Yo Gotti) (2012)

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Maino - Mobbin (Remix) (feat. Busta Rhymes, Gucci Mane, Trae tha Truth, Jim Jones & Yo Gotti) lyrics

Yea yea yea
Yea yea yea yea

Mafia, mafia, be a part of my mafia
Mafia, mafia, be a part of my mafia

Bang a actor if you bring a ni**a
See the way I come and follow it up
Come to the hood and met you hungry ni**as
See how my team come follow it up
A lot of lame ni**as, light work bet your ass
Most you little ni**as with me when I was fucked
See my swag I wanna steal it back
Most of them ni**as wanna borrow it up
Drastic shit, I panic bitch
Get a ni**a fooled and I gobble it up
Package, everything about this swag
Get a crack capsule, bottle it up
A million of them dollars, sparkle it up
I cup another mansion, I model it up
Then I bounce in the club with a million ni**as
Black out then, smokin’ on

Mafia, mafia, you now a part of my mafia
Make way cuz we squad up
Drug money til they lock us up
My mob deep, no prodigy
My whole team cost half that
Missed me with all that snicker talk
Cuz Brooklyn ni**as don’t have that
I’m tucked up, my jews loud
In the hood with my goose now
Make way cuz my text spray
Broad day, like few clouds
One shot for my OG’s
2 shots for my lil homies
I’m the king of king’s county
Best all ni**as would kill for me

Mafia, mafia, we take money – we the mafia
You got the bank, we stop it up
Rain fall, my top is up
Big face, they watchin’ us
Big weight, don’t chop it up
Whole sell, we block it up
Them hoes there, they jockin’ us
And no CK’s and BK’s
Same hood as notorious
Glorious, bad style
You’d better deal with that left line
Fresh fresh to death, dead fly
LAX, red eye
I get around like box set
My top down on that drop head
We the mob, we the mob
That’s right, who need a jobs?
Sell drugs, throw G’s on cars
Go hard til we behind bar

Mobster, staking lobsters with my partners
Shotta, I made Flocka come and robba
Mafia, mafia, brick squad mafia
Think you on the top but I’m standing right on top of you

I’m el loco with the choppa, el choppo should try to hide me
I will never pass the drug test so nobody will hire me
I f**k more strouts than routes, I do more travellin’ than reppin’
I ain’t never wearin’ gold but my Rolex platinum
I’m the king of the ladder, sendin’ squads to surveil ‘er
In a cabana in Havana and I’m hot as a camera
And plus I heard what you said so you can’t sleep when you do it
You play with my brain, now it’s a fussle your hands

I had a young ni**a with me, be with mafia
That cocaine coke, that made me popular
If you a real ni**a I got a spot for ya
Tell ‘em I throw you so, b***h I got a Glock for you
Mafia, mafia, all my ni**as mafia
All my bit**es superbad and all my ni**as party stuff
Brick game, do we quapin’ up?
Counter bad, if we cough it up
Fans and velter gangs, say we organized
I’m part of the mafia, we proud all the time
Family first, money second
And the b***h so far to land that that she can feel it

200 ni**as, b***h that’s fat
Shut the whole block down, hop it out my black
They swing about it like the ni**a fall back
A**hole for real, make guns and all that
Mafia, motherfucker yea we ballin’
They mean disrespect, hands will be throbbin’
Beat them ni**a ass, we put ‘em off in the deep sleep
We get done with that then we robbin’
When a ni**a lookin’ for I’m up in the hood
Jessie James, chop a clip then all good
Mystery ni**a so I move high shit
Ain’t never loved a b***h and tell ‘em I never will
Good, I know I can’t take this b***h up
Ain’t no limit, I’mma take this b***h up
Shooters outside but I paint this b***h up
On some other shit, try to fake this b***h up
Man give me the word and I’mma go get ‘em
If they out the whole clip then tell I go hit ‘em
Tryna be stiff, look b***h I’m a sediment
A six foot zip, what the f**k am I feeling?
Been ready for war, my money ready in place
Say you ready to trip, two of them they betray
You say you ready to lay, you admitted betrays
Say you ready to mob but you ain’t ready today

Mafia, mafia, be a part of my mafia
Make way cuz we comin’ through
Mobbed up, we the mafia

Mafia, mafia, be a part of my mafia
Make way cuz we comin’ through
Mobbed up, we the mafia..