Maino - Fame (2010)

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Maino - Fame lyrics

I’m everything you’re chasing, the thing that you dream about
I’m what you really want, the shit that people read about
Niggas kill for me, I make them bring the heaters out …. so many died For me, I cant remember the amount

What? What the fuck ? Who is this? syop playin?
Cause I ain’t with the gangs, what’ you mean ? what you sayin?
… I noitced that you want me , you obsessed tryin to get me
You want a ride home? …it aint easy try to get me
And even if you get me, are you sure you can handle me ?
Many came before you but they failed they couldn’t handle me
I’m the glamor, the glimpse, the scene, I m the lime light …
I turn boys into men when the time’s right
I’m your life, you’re excited by my name
I’m what you decide, motherfucker, I’m fame
Fame? What the f…, hey yo’ how did you ?

Look into my soul, don’t tell me that I changed
‘Cause in my mind I thought that I still the same
I didn’t notice … the changes that I made
‘Cause I was too busy, chasing fame, chasing fame
I’m chasing fame,
Don’t tell me that I changed, ‘cause I’ve been too busy
Chasing fame

Some celebrities' good… they real so they steal with me
All the niggeas get high, they can’t deal with me
I’m the reason why BIG and Pac inside the ground
You could be a Kanye or be a Bobbie Brown
It’s up to you, you still wanna fuck with me?
‘Cause once you in this forever you gettin stuck with me
I mean yeah, no, God, damn, let me think
I only wanna be famous to help me … (lead) the streets
I didn’t changed your life I got you shining right
You was the street too, look how I saved your life
But I had the sacrifice, I don’t see my sunny light
2 or 3 weeks straight, what happened to my family life?
Welcome to the fast life
I be clubbing every night
This is what you asked for, this is what you wanted, right?
yeh, I know, money hose, cars close,livin' life
Got what you was wishing
Dont tell me it dont feel right

Look into my soul, dont tell me that I changed
‘Cause In my mind I thought that I was the same
I didn’t notice all the changes that I made
‘Cause I’ve been too busy
Chasing fame, chasing fame,
I’m chasing fame
Don’t tell me that I changed,
‘Cause I’ve been busy, chasing fame
Fame, watch'you doing? People looking at me different
Friends say I changed, they think I’m acting different
At first all I wanted is to get my hands on riches
Too busy chasing you, to notice all the differences

People see me now, where they go, snapping pictures
When you go I come running tell me why you’re so addictive
You’re a gift, you’re a curse, you feelin’ like a drug
Cause while I’m chasing you, I hurt the ones I love
And I ain’t who I was cause I ain’t on the block no more
I ain’t in the hood, I’ve been out Ya im tryin' to talk
Tell me what to do, I was cool before I blew…
‘Cause now I spend my days out tryin’ to capture you
I’m tryn’ to be the same don’t tell me that I changed
Stop fucking with my mind, you’re playin' with my brain
Tell me who I am, my mother calls me mayne …
I guess this is what they call
The price of fame.