Maino - Ask About Me Brooklyn (feat. Joell Ortiz) (2010)

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Maino - Ask About Me Brooklyn (feat. Joell Ortiz) lyrics

Yo yo! 36 shots in my Mack 10.
Ask around name rings like Killer Ben.
I got 10 codefendants and killer friends.
Whatchu wanna know homey I'ma fill you in.
And I'ma tell you niggas bout Tut and them,
how I felt when Rab got killed,
I had love for him.
I got on, started from a jux early nineties me and Du brought it to that nigga Bush.
Rap game now I'm gettin money bags it's a N.A. rock thing rest in peace Nate Cash.
Arms folded still posted down on Gates ave.
My nigga gettin better yeah and they all scared.
And I'ma tell you Macko is a bitch got his name on a bullet got a Ruger in my grip.
We rob connects for them bricks hustle hard like Diko we gon get rich!