Magpie - The Eagle And The Hawk lyrics

Out across the prairie, cloud shadows on the run
Miles away I see them chased by wind and cast by sun
The spirit on this mountain, today and yesterday
Is a song you feel within you that the wind and trees do play

Crying in this holy place, eyes open through the night
That I might see what you can only see in darkest night
One thing I see for certain in the light of stars above
If we love this land we walk upon we’ve got to hold on to what we love
To what we love

So high above the prairie that you can barely see
Soars a spotted eagle, so easy and so free
In an ever-rising spiral, ever closer to the sun
To soar so high so easily, she is the only one

Dancing in this holy place...

But what’s this now I’m seeing, just a speck against the blue
A red-tailed hawk is following, he wants to go there too
But for him it’s not so easy to ride the currents high
He soars and falls and beats again, struggling to fly

Praying in this holy place...

To make this mountain journey it is no easy climb
You have to stop and rest yourself, it takes a long, long time
I know I’m bound to stumble as I struggle here today
But with those who’ve gone before me, I’m walking on this way

Crying in this holy place...

Crying in this holy place...