Magic Weapon - Hidden Veil lyrics

I've fallen down these steps before like some detached observer
And found it hard to simply leave
The distance became further

Abdicate then replace (the history of cities)
Topical geography (tracing all the shadows of the dead sea)
Detention cells where they dwell beneath parisian streets and the shadow shows, above the glare of the holy pros
The gaze of all the faces made by Tussaud
Taming the blood of birth pangs haunted

Spectres of patterns that cannot grow
It echoes reflections that spell N O
Archaic Calligraphy
It is a sanctuary horror softly implied
Importance lives in numbers that you can't define
Like the hierarchies of all the flying pigeons

On the path I felt I was being chased towards some kind of hovering hospital
Before you knew there was a law in place
Now it's an eye for an eye
Don't believe when they say they've been misplaced
They make earnings each time they're tricking you
They're made to exist only to change face for you

Hiding behind a veil that's furled
Swear there is something
And chance is just a broken dream made up of nothing
An ancient box of someone's charms kept from a young time
It can never be made up all though it looks that way to you

Please keep your mind on it
You'd better look out cuz they wanna play tricks on you