Magic Weapon - Cloudy People lyrics

It begins in the open dark
Deep, dark, sounds make a marriage with your eyes
Hanging by a thread of reality it goes and skips a phrase like a beating heart
Zipped it up and I'll know
In the play they utilized variables of the lines
Variables of the lies
And the people just go on again

You thought you'd go, but the world wasn't made for speculations of that kind of nature
Strechting out your left hand, you're striding for the letters, hidden in the cupboard, watch out now that's the past, not the future
You know

He can judge all distinctions
Cuz he made all the restrictions

A fever dream caused some visions that I can't explain
A chorus of cloudy people the spoke to me, encircled me, they said to me

They said "Baby said I've known we've passed the worst now, Baby said I've known we've passed the worst now, Cuz there was no cause, Cuz there was no cause"