Magic Affair - In The Middle Of The Night lyrics (Chinese translation). | In the middle of the night
, A vision brings me light
, Time is on my side
, All the way
, In the...
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Magic Affair - In The Middle Of The Night (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: In the middle of the night
ZH: 在深夜

EN: A vision brings me light
ZH: 视觉带给我光

EN: Time is on my side
ZH: 时间是站在我这边

EN: All the way
ZH: 所有方式

EN: In the middle of the night
ZH: 在深夜

EN: A vision's shining bright
ZH: 视觉的闪耀

EN: Should I go or should I stay ?
ZH: 我应该去或留吗?

EN: Show me the right way
ZH: 告诉我正确的方法

EN: Sweat pours down as I toss and turn
ZH: 汗水流淌下来,我辗转反侧

EN: While the dreams of reality starts to burn
ZH: 而现实的梦想开始刻录

EN: I see the vision of a prophet dressed in black
ZH: 我看到一位穿黑衣服的先知的愿景

EN: When it spoke, the voice brought me back
ZH: 它在发言时声音带我回来

EN: Woke up, and my hands are shaking,
ZH: 醒了,和我的手在颤抖,

EN: A rude awakening, but still I'm waiting
ZH: 粗鲁的觉醒,但在等

EN: For the picture to be real, or just a joke
ZH: 图片是真实的或只是个笑话

EN: Then, boom ! My room filled with smoke
ZH: 然后,砰 !我的房间里充满了烟

EN: Surprise, the shadows came again
ZH: 吃惊的是,阴影又来了

EN: Then the figure said "You have sinned"
ZH: 然后说:"你有罪"的图

EN: As the message clicks, I'm not a "geto boy", but minds play tricks
ZH: 作为邮件单击,我不是"抓男孩",但头脑玩把戏

EN: A scenario that carries you
ZH: 会把你的方案

EN: Below to the depth of hell, that I've been through
ZH: 下到地狱,我经历过的深度

EN: In the middle of the night, I'll find your strength
ZH: 在深夜,我会找到你的力量

EN: Choose a path and a lyrical wavelenght
ZH: 选择路径和抒情 wavelenght

EN: Positive and negative is what I'm facin'
ZH: 积极和消极是我所面临

EN: I'm out of breath like I just finished racin'
ZH: 我喘像我刚刚完成比赛

EN: Then a light comes through to let me know
ZH: 然后光线透进来,让我知道

EN: Which path to tack, and which way to go
ZH: 塔克,哪个路径和走哪条路

EN: I'm knowin', flowin', trhowin', goin' crazy
ZH: 我知道,歌手,trhowin',疯狂

EN: Once again, yo ! You can't faze me
ZH: 再一次哟 !你不能骚扰我

EN: I'm going alpha, not omega
ZH: 我去阿尔法,不是欧米茄

EN: Right now, not later against evil behaviour
ZH: 就是现在,不迟反对邪恶的行为

EN: Trip down under, is what I provide 'em
ZH: 下之旅,是我提供他们

EN: Sanity's gone, mind asylum
ZH: 没了理智,记住庇护

EN: Then the voice comes back but brutal
ZH: 然后声音来背但残酷

EN: Take good and evil and make it neutral
ZH: 采取善与恶和使它中立

EN: Taken out comp, evil lies and walk beats
ZH: 取出 comp,邪恶谎言和步行节拍

EN: Taking out punks, but still to say the least
ZH: 拿出小混混,但仍至少可以说,

EN: The job is done, and still I have the strength
ZH: 完成这个工作,和仍然实力

EN: For a night in a lyrical wavelenght
ZH: 在抒情的 wavelenght 一夜