Magenta Descent - Sinless lyrics

My friend, where will I put to sleep?
I'd see no perfection in my creep
I stood at the gates of heaven pleading to be one of them

Upon Earth the cities tension broke my line
Nothing else known except what is not mine
Never did I know that I lost my time away
Why aren't we sinless?

Help me, the fable is black
Of all my faithless love that will turns it back
The map pulls me down upon my life

No rest assured that I am able
Never happy, never stable
Why did I do this when the world was in my hands...
Why aren't we sinless?

The rules have been broken
An amendment has been untrusted
My life is brought down

Now I have one plead for God
If my cry is heard I'd be wrong
But it's sure I won't be
For I lost my only chances
Why aren't we sinless?