Maffew Ragazino - Short Yellow Bus Theory (2011)

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Maffew Ragazino - Short Yellow Bus Theory lyrics

Hello world, ladies and gentlemen
I am Maffew Ragazino senior
And on behalf cash in cash out records
I would like to take a moment of my time and say
fuck your life
You niggaz suck dick, all of y’as
I don’t rub elbows with (?) fuck boys
Weirdos, dorks,
I'm from the school of hard knocks
And oh yeah, fyi, for the record
Nobody’s fucking with me

Still don’t make no sense though
Niggaz so broke and have all of them kicks though
Coping super heavy on that ATF shit hoe
Fall through Vinnies and break a couple big faces, Klitschko
If I don’t make the next freshman list yo
You know it’s grass no hill top politics yo
Some niggers hate New York like Pac hated Big yo
And they from New York too but they sucking dick though
Won’t be satisfied till I take my talent down to the left coast
Raiders cap Converse Khakis and black Loc's
Like the ink is dry on that new contract with death row
But y’all motherfuckers don't hear me though
They so busy watching the throne so hard
Didn’t see Leonidas break into the king’s courtyard
300 spartans behind him, lusting for violence
This flow is anarchy to all these industry tyrants
Don’t mistake me for Tunchi Tiger or Tyler
And I don’t need a co sign for none of the giants
It’s Ragazino not Rigatoni or Ronzoni
Monster cody but the posture is mobster Tony
I lay it down like four flats in a planker
Name enough a new nigger more consistent with banger
After banger, after bangers word of shot banger
Punch lines are for kids, I give em cliff hangers
Plummet to your death if you ain’t got a ferm grip
So damn damn deep cliff notes should come with the shit
No ruffles around the collar
I’m a gentleman and a scholar by the dollar
(Grow) told me work hard nigger success will follow
The baddest bitches will swallow once you become a starer,
Aura ag az Kool g getting quiet money like az
Sipping red devil daiquiris out in AC
Watching saved by the bell with Zachary and AC
Had a crush on Lisa during grade school
So I fucked the bitch that resembled her in the same school
And all you bitches was basic
With X & O bracelets, you niggers is tasteless
Tell the ankle to p coat the shirt on his waist lift
That bart simpson burg got a blue in the face Kid