Maffew Ragazino - Dipset Forever (2014)

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Maffew Ragazino - Dipset Forever lyrics

I'm gonna make you real

Alligator nuggets from papa dopes
Two tongue while I need work to papa wound
I'm ten toes down hoe, doctor shows
Cable made to my closet clip huxtable,
Lord at the flies, nigga let's Minaj,
Happy end until the beginning like f*ck em massage,
Will you air with the guak, live flow then fly,
All of my women into women her buy is to buy
Get it just to say I got it, I'm just buying to buy
Sneakers worth about the place of a flat to Dubai
.. figure, swear it's ..,
over cult, over button I swear what the f*ck I'm that guy,
Herrit each year, but I smell like Givenchy pie,
Old door, the minis, hurry up and by
Now was my favourite scene, shout out the memory

LVC selvage dinner is my favourite gin, yeah
When you can see you, you get that balance,
A fifty-fifty, a little bit of this, a little bit of that
They come back gravy,
Hood on my back back, foot on your draw
All the shit shooters and the dealers, they know that I'm dope
Brown's feels Jesus, I'm the only hope,
Paper gangers is not a game, it's a f*cking cope.

Right Jenna grip to lobster features, what else?
deep three doctors and races spenders,
Rappers taking shots, but their bar tenders
I'm major .. punch em in public, I'm such a Brooklyn nigga
Look I harm and respect, I got harder connects,
I got a heart named scallin that can blow like a set,
Who can f*ck with the click, now can find on the set,
My name shit, I f*ck around do a double can set
I'm the coolest of cool, you was stupid in school
And now the media class, with your deadfull of truth
I made you scoop your bitch and make em my new cocaine
And it's all of a shoes, uh kill em
That's right,
Paper game worldwide, we kill this streets, we kill this beats,
23 is all we wear now fits, that's a fact

I'm the best of the best, effortly be
Whether you know where yet or not I'm one of the great
Some people they never get it, some will be late
Who guess and f*ck as long as real niggas relate,
I always started refresh, passion to be late,
Rock in time is this 20, D12 you niggas is late,
Niggas is lame, niggas is fit
But I'm very away I'm frontin for a way
I put the pink where in it, paint the town that you're livin'
Paint all over my jeans, pay the grip just to get em
Work the dirty Diana, smoke the dirty and .. em
6 inch feel come a .. chicken
Or rockery beef, I'm offering chick,
Hoes love mama stick, take em take over ..
Super A shorts stare cause I'm fooly chick,
Sip the blue and the gin, like my last thing was kief.