Maffew Ragazino - Business As Usual (2013)

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Maffew Ragazino - Business As Usual lyrics

I came for the money nigga, I said I came for the money
Yeah, sr, let me do my thing
Let me talk my shit
Let me do my thing nigga
Yeah, business as usual
I’m out here looking beautiful
By the bing nigga, by the boon
No sleep from 12 noon to 12 noon
See you motherfuckers in hell soon
Dancing with devils beneath the pale moon
Fish scale toons, fans itching and noddin
They see me I be send them my garments
Swag, butting up with the drag
And fuck em once then I trash em
Call a cab you ain’t crashing
My bitches be fuckin with tablets
Kickin and trantrup, plus my niggas could sample it
Hah, fetucinni and shell fish,
The denim be savage, the adidas a campus
Murda, like the end of the ham lookin
I’m cool like that, digabu planets
Lean so hard, it look like I’m slannin
Counter tops in the kitchen is granted
Fix me a sandwich, is what I demanded
She ain’t give me ...neither
Tuna salad with peter, she’s a mind reader

We eat the stampede king
I’m such a giant, you’re a small thing
Niggas sweet like grey lean, do a harm and it may seem
Niggas singing like nat king
Half man, half amazing, reese slinging cocaine shavings
Shot the world like rambo on the raylings
Make niggas do many things
Business as usual, I’m out here looking beautiful
All of my vincis are fruitfull
I’m getting pussy off my youtube
Uh, everything copastetic on this side
No complaints, I’m gorgeous and my bitch fly
Cedar grits with the borgies it’s a fish fry
Damn right I bet you wish you were this guy
I get to when I get to it
I put the shit in motion, I get the shit moving
Knocking frank ocean, me and my bitch cruising
Wheel in slow motion, you think a nigga using
I’m too sexy for my neighborhood, haha
It’s senior, bitch, I said I came for the money, hahaha
Business as usual, I’m out here looking beautiful
I’m out here looking beautiful.