Maduar - Love Is On The Way lyrics

Love is on the way

I see my shadow it's knocking on your door
There was a time I couldn't decide
But now I'm sure so sure
I will wait hours, days and years
To hear your voice again
Take my heart only you can stop my pain
I saw love in your eyes my girl
And I want to one more time
Don't care what the others say
You know that you are mine
Please remember you can't forget
Our lovely nights and days
In the name of love we should cross our ways

Paint with me the picture of a sun
This sun never goes down
Believe me nothing else matters
But you, you know it's true
Hit me, break me, crash me, hurt me,
(kill me) just don't turn away
My fire is too hot to lose your
Love again
Love is on the way (to you)
And I pray for another day (with you)
I swear I love you I hope I'll be understood
Babe, just say the word and I'll be back for good

All I do each night is pray
To you I pray everyday
For my love that's on the way
Please don't turn away
I never let you go away
Listen to me babe I want to say to you
I love you