Madness - One Step Beyond lyrics (French translation). | Hey you, don't watch that
, Watch this!
, This is the heavy heavy monster sound
, The nuttiest sound...
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Madness - One Step Beyond (French translation) lyrics

EN: Hey you, don't watch that
FR: Hé vous, ne regarde pas que

EN: Watch this!
FR: Regardez cette !

EN: This is the heavy heavy monster sound
FR: C'est le monstre lourd lourd son

EN: The nuttiest sound around
FR: Le son nuttiest autour

EN: So if you've come in off the street
FR: Donc, si vous venez la rue

EN: And you're beginning to feel the heat
FR: Et vous commencez à sentir la chaleur

EN: Well listen buster
FR: Ecoute bien buster

EN: You better start to move your feet
FR: Mieux, vous commencez à bouger les pieds

EN: To the rockinest, rock-steady beat
FR: À la rockinest, rock-steady battre

EN: Of madness
FR: De la folie

EN: One step beyond!
FR: Un pas au-delà !