Madelyn - Judy And Kasey lyrics

And it all came out when Judy said Kasey who is Amanda
You didn't come home last night
You could have had the decency to call but I know you're never decent even when it gets convenient
We're all the same when we two have something to hide
But who's to blame we're on both sides I'm on your side

It's been this way for some time
You could have told me whats been wrong inside
And it's so something you would do and I'm the fool because I trust you
It's time to change when we two know something's not right
But things remain they stay in time let's keep in time

I can't believe what you did to me
Judy said Kasey why

It all came out when ah whoa oh oh
Things will never be the same
Boys will be brave girls will be suspect
And Judy and Kasey remain