Madelyn - Imagination lyrics

She's just a girl from the wrong side of town
Her parents gave her no love
Her friends have warrenties
Because she tends to break everything with anyone
It's a condition at its worst if left untouched
Can tear the soul from the body and its mind
I never knew a life could come so cheap

You did this to yourself they tend to say
But its not them who have to live with it

I'm just a boy with nothing much at all
Sleeping on the pavement
Too busy chasing dreams
Could someone out there just please hear his voice
Its a decision at best if left behind
Can leave the frays from the past out of time
I wish I knew a love that cuts so deep

Come on, imagine you don't have to live like this you know its not what you were made for
So come on, imagine a better place thats made by destiny and it goes on