Madeline Adams - 1982 lyrics

Throw out the bone! You gave the dog away. A neighbor boy with dirt all in his face.
He'll treat him just the same way.
Oh, Mamma told you not to play
Those marble games.
But did you listen?
Turned the TV on.
Drowned out her voice with
The sound.
She didn't ask for
Those nine months gone.
You never thanked her
For one.
God blessed you
On the day that you were born in 1982
And sucked your tooth
Straight out of your socket.
It was a miracle it grew.
God blessed you
With two legs for moving
And two arms that bust-on through
The black and blue.
All the dirt that all the world
Has piled on top of you.
Regret's a sin. It's a waste of time, they say. It robs you of friends and digs an early grave. Six feet deep in red clay.
Why break your back just to find
A resting place?