Madchild - Broken Mirror (2012)

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Madchild - Broken Mirror lyrics


Look at yourself and write down the truth. What more fatal complex subject could you find? It’s hard to face. Or maybe you’re afraid of yourself.

[Verse 1]

Daylight fright, they might bite
I get so ? I’m high as a kite
Fly to new heights, I try to do right
Grow older, weight of the world’s on my shoulders
People are bad, pretend to be helpless
Mad give juice to the youth, I’m selfish
I try to explore the dark side of the road
Skeleton’s dangling, star-spangled mangling
I’m all tangled up in two gangs I’m fucked
Devour smurf, it’s all our turf
Let’s kick through the fence and waste a few heads
But karma’s a bitch that you’ll face when you’re dead
Sweet demon take me to a level that’s a true test
Devil in a blue dress, I’ll do what I do best
Control freak speak, do as I say
When you and I play cause you are not safe


Here I go again, here I go again
Here I go again, here I go again
Here I go again, here I go again
Here I go again, here I go again

[Verse 2]

The mind suffers, thoughts are all scattered
With delicate matters and elegant patterns
A trail of myself, I’m beyond redemption
With the temptation I’m filled with tension
Attract acts of vengeance I will go the length
Cause I rap with my grandfather’s strength
I will not lose my family
Never go man, you can’t stand me
I push for my dreams, only God can command me
Black hand dark prints of the city
It’s hideous language, bad blood on canvas
No partners we will keep building
I swear on the lives of my unborn children
That I would burn in Hell just to keep you safe
But I will stimulate my growth while I keep my faith
Give you everything inside my skull
These are the memoires of a troubled soul