Madchild - Amadeus (2014)

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Madchild - Amadeus lyrics

[Verse :MadChild]
Throw a rope and make a lasso
Around you buffoons
Fuckin' V-ed out assassin
I'm a dirty coke mirror in your bathroom
Dirty old hero trippin' off a batch of bad shrooms
Beat you down like a baboon
Leave a couple black eyes like a raccoon
Used to inhale drugs like a vacuum
Find me in the back room
High half past noon (damn)
I knew my path, it was headed for mad doom
Six grand on a bag of pills was a bad duel (deal)
Motherfucker was a bad dude
Three mill gone, now all I got is these tattoos
Now I'm back on my grind
I'm too old to fuckin' front, I'll attack from behind
And I ain't got no time
To sit back and recline
There ain't a minute where it isn't in the back of my mind
It's in the knots in my back, every crack on my spine
Goin' crazy now cause I'm back at the back of the line
Fuck your faculty, it's wack
I'm immaculate at rap
Spittin' accurately, I'm actually a MAC
I spit plaster seamed C4 explosives
That means I'm dynamite, a beast, how ferocious
Separate the ocean, genius like Amadeus
Dark poetry, hover above the Himalayas
Motherfucker I'm the best, an untouchable
You little fuckers, I'm nuts
One button, I touch
You're all dead, rotten at the bottom of the ocean
Gettin' caught up in the bullshit
Unexperienced delivery is dull
Now you got crabs and eels, watch em slither through your skull
Feel my pain, feel my misery, I'm low
Feel the rain, feel the blizzard in the snow
I'm a wizard with the lizard, made a goal
Dislocate a history, add a mystery to my soul
I'm spitting Listerine from a scroll
Thoughts are blistering in my skull
I'm a vicious little troll