Mad At The World - Here We Go Again lyrics

Here we go again
We're in this place again
It's killing me again
To wear these chains of sin

And you this thought
When you look into your mind
That it's a human world
And a path too hard to climb
So be easy now
Be easy on yourself
A little fall
Happens to them all


And you want to be good
For your life to go somewhere
But your actions say
That you really just don't care
And you never see
What your life was meant to be
Here in this heart
There's not way to start


Do you wonder if
You're missing Heaven's goal?
Could there be a way
For God to be in control?
Well, it seems to me
That the world will never know
But does it have to apply
To believing eyes?

So here we go again
So here we go again
So here we go again
So here we go again