Machine Gun Kelly - Halo lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Verse 1: MGK]
, This ain't no halo over my head bitch
, But dear god can you forgive the sinnin'
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Machine Gun Kelly - Halo (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Verse 1: MGK]
ZH: [诗歌 1: MGK]

EN: This ain't no halo over my head bitch
ZH: 这可不是在我头部的婊子无光晕

EN: But dear god can you forgive the sinnin'
ZH: 但是亲爱的上帝啊你能原谅自己在犯罪

EN: For everything that I done since the beginnin'
ZH: 一切,我捉自做

EN: Because the devil around me so much
ZH: 因为身边这么多魔鬼

EN: That you would think I got a death wish
ZH: 你会认为我不想活了

EN: Yeah, and the voices in my head get louder
ZH: 是的和我的脑袋里的声音都更大声

EN: Watchin' my career disappear like powder
ZH: 看着 ' 我的职业生涯会消失像粉

EN: Wish I could rewind those hours and get my life back
ZH: 希望我能倒带那些个小时回到我的生活

EN: Strike that, hanging on this weed like a life jacket
ZH: 罢工,挂在这杂草一样生活夹克

EN: Fuck rappin', I was really livin' everything I was spittin'
ZH: 操说唱,我真的还活着一切都是往里吐口水

EN: Bitch what's happenin'
ZH: 婊子怎么了

EN: Fights daily, nights crazy dream chasin' till the drugs came
ZH: 每日,战斗夜疯狂的梦想追逐直到药物来了

EN: I was choppin' up them bitches like Jason
ZH: 我是 choppin' 了他们婊子就喜欢杰森

EN: Had a motherfuckers face layin' on the cold pavement
ZH: 有一张躺在冰冷的人行道上的王八蛋脸

EN: Wake up take 'em now I feel sane
ZH: 醒来采取他们现在我感觉到理智

EN: Spendin' every penny in the studio slayin'
ZH: 能在工作室 slayin' 中的每一分钱

EN: Me and my mob workin' any odd job
ZH: 我和我的暴徒卖命的任何奇数作业

EN: Prayin' this little dream was gonna feed our babies
ZH: 祈祷这小小的梦想去养活我们的孩子

EN: Save me Lord, save me Lord, what the fuck is this curse you gave me Lord
ZH: 救我主啊,救我主啊,什么是你给了我主这诅咒

EN: Everybody think I finally made it Lord, but all I am is now is a slave my God
ZH: 每个人都觉得我终于做到了主,但我只是现在是奴隶我的上帝

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: This ain't no halo...
ZH: 这不是没有光环......

EN: Revelations says if people wipe every tear from their eyes than death shall be no more, neither shall their be mourning nor crying nor pain no more for the former things have passed away, EST 4 Life motherfucker!
ZH: 启示录说: 是否人们擦干净每一滴泪水从他们的眼睛比死亡将不会再,既不应其再悲痛也不哭也不疼痛为先前的事已经去世,EST 4 生活是狗娘 !

EN: [Verse 2: MGK]
ZH: [诗歌 2: MGK]

EN: Put that halo around my neck, bitch
ZH: 光晕在我脖子上的婊子的投入

EN: And give me death
ZH: 给我死

EN: I'm 22 and this 22 on my left, God bless
ZH: 我是 22,这 22 在我的左边,上帝保佑

EN: Maybe I'll finally see
ZH: 也许我终于看到

EN: Maybe they'll return what's originally mine because finder's keep
ZH: 也许他们会返回什么的最初排雷因为 finder 的保持

EN: Maybe I will be great, and this voice of mine was designed to be the finest key
ZH: 也许我是伟大的和我的这个声音设计是最好的关键

EN: But, I'm losing faith, everyday they got news to break
ZH: 但是,我失去信心,每天他们有消息要打破

EN: Like my single flopped, and now I ain't hot
ZH: 像我单失败告终,而现在我不是热

EN: And they don't know if I'm ever gonna see the light of day
ZH: 他们不知道如果我过要看见光的一天

EN: My labels mad or my albums bad or you ain't livin' up to the hype we thought you had
ZH: 我生气的标签或我的影集坏或你不是住到我们以为你有的炒作

EN: Or lost a fan or the cops again and meanwhile I ain't there to be my daughters dad
ZH: 或再失去一个风扇或警察,同时我不是有可以当我女儿爸爸

EN: Fuck! what's left for me? because I don't ever want to become a celebrity
ZH: 他妈的 !我还剩下什么?因为不想成为一个名人

EN: I don't want anyone to feel less than me so put your camera down and stand next to me
ZH: 我不想让别人觉得不那么比我所以放下你的相机,站在我旁边

EN: Right here, EST, everyone stand together
ZH: 好在这里,EST,每个人都站在一起

EN: And if I RIP than I know everything I stand for's forever, lace up!
ZH: 如果我撕比我知道我能忍受的一切的永远地花边 !

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: This ain't no halo...
ZH: 这不是没有光环......

EN: And when you play this song, hold your head high, motherfucker, don't ever look down, be comfortable with who you are, our flaws are what makes us perfect
ZH: 当您播放这首歌,持有你头高,混蛋,别过往下看,是舒适和与你是谁,我们的缺点是什么使我们完美