Machine Gun Kelly - D3Mons (feat. DMX) (2012)

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Machine Gun Kelly - D3Mons (feat. DMX) lyrics

I swear that I can feel em’ fucking with me
I swear that I can feel em’ fucking with me
Every Night I feel em fucking with me

[Verse 1: MGK]
I wake up screaming in my sleep every fucking night
Open up my eyes to cold sweat, bloody clothes from my nose
Erhk - Nothing nice
Father I've killed a man, but I had to do it
Only thing is he is me (Damn) how the fuck you couldn’t get me through this?!
My skin is blue-ish, voices in my head saying
“Don't be stupid all you have is in that bag you better use it!”
Cut it, snuff it, puff it, shoot it
Only one I trust now is myself these muthafucka’s Judas
Gun in my pillow cause all I feel is this paranoia
Holes in my wall from all them nights that I was feeling for him
The devils here!
But I'm still awake
Then I broke the mirror (Why?)
Cause I seen his face
Even my bitch corrupted
I fucked her pussy until it's bloody took it out and then she sucked it, told me that she loved it (Bitch)
Everything is black I think I am deceased
I am a ghost without the bed sheets (Boo)
X speak...

[Verse 2: DMX]
If a beasts what I got to be, then so be it
Fuck it, if I got to live it, then y'all gon' see it
Eat it, shit it, live it - it’s in my blood
That’s why I get down like bud, from the dirt to the mud
You fucked up thinking shit was sweet, but shit in the street
Make you split the heat, to the back of his head, make you spit teeth
Leave his loved ones in grief
And I don’t wanna have to be the one to tell you shits deep
But man, shit’s deep

[Hook: MGK]
I swear that I can feel 'em fucking with me
Every night I feel 'em fucking with me
Please God tell these demons stop fucking with me
Every God damn night I feel 'em fucking with me
Why?! Please God...

[Verse 3: DMX]
The streets still the same
Ain’t right, if a nigga can’t still feel the pain
But still kill the game, still keep real and aim
I get down one way, we could keep it that one way or take it to gun play
Let a nigga know, If we going to walk this dog
If we ain't gon talk at all
Make a nigga have to, talk with the 4, that’s the only language you know
There you go, pop pop pop, now, there you go
And I hate that I can see snakes clearly
They don’t even try to hide, it’s like they be trying to get near me
Most of y'all don’t hear me, it’s like I’m talking to myself
These niggas so dumb, got me feeling like I’m talking for my health
Ain't like I’m talking for the wealth, cause there ain't no money in the truth
Shit! I live this shit for real, Y'all make it up in the booth
'Til a nigga lose his tooth over some shit he didn't plan on
Wasn’t prepare for, really couldn't stand on

[Verse 4: MGK]
Fuck it, Turn the cam on, tie his feet and his hands up and watch him
I’ll be back up with that heat to get his tan on
Now that’s for fucking with me
And that’s for my dog
This because where you going you not gonna need that arm
The street’s is talking, "Uh oh, here they come"
Thirsty for that blood (Red rum, red rum)
Do you know how it feels to be so mad you would kill?
Or to be so trapped when you scream your throat cuts like jagged pills?
And whenever you close your eyes everything inside you dies
And all the ‘high’s, crimes, and lies’ come alive, muthafucka

I swear that I can feel em’ fucking with me
I swear that I can feel em’ fucking with me
Every Night I feel em fucking with me