Mac Miller - Youforia (2013)

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Mac Miller - Youforia lyrics

Take me to euphoria according to the story of a warrior
Picturing my visions as you look inside my cornea

I been waiting so long
Been waiting to have you by my side (tell you "I love you")
I can't do no wrong, no you are an angel
With you by my side, you are my euphoria

And when you look in my eyes the pain goes a-way, euphoria (euphoria)
You feel so damn good, (I want you to know that)
Just come take my hand closer so hear me out
We could go to the moon
Look at my eyes as we land
We're here now

Oh oh oh oh
Now when you lay in my arms the pain goes a-way, euphoria


And when you're mine, I won't let you go
The pain, it can't stay (euphoria)