Mac Miller - People Under The Stairs lyrics (Chinese translation). | hey microphone testing
, testing you playin' politician
, you martin she on the west wing
, guessing...
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Mac Miller - People Under The Stairs (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: hey microphone testing
ZH: 嘿麦克风测试

EN: testing you playin' politician
ZH: 测试你玩政客

EN: you martin she on the west wing
ZH: 你马丁她上西翼

EN: guessing the best thing for me to do is spit it
ZH: 猜测的最好的事让我做,是把它吐

EN: this shit is never a gimmick you listen you listen more than a minute of it
ZH: 这事儿从来没有一个噱头你听你听它的时间超过一分钟

EN: Ive been spitting flows since a kid was 6 years old
ZH: 香港专业教育学院已吐痰流动,一个孩子 6 岁起

EN: and if you listen close I'll do this like some mismatched clothes
ZH: 如果你仔细听我说我会做这个像衣服不匹配

EN: its whatever put in together
ZH: 其不管放一起

EN: you never could be this clever, Im rockin the mic forever
ZH: 你永远不可能是这聪明,永远摇滚 mic 的 Im

EN: you gonna stop me never
ZH: 你要阻止我从来没有

EN: Im cocky because I love it, you Rocky without the punches
ZH: Im 骄傲因为我爱它,你没有拳洛基

EN: hockey without the ice and boxes without the lunches
ZH: 没有冰和没有午餐盒曲棍球

EN: flowing like me, no one and that got you mad b-tch
ZH: 流动像我一样,没有人和你生气 b tch

EN: so your boys are nothing but just air
ZH: 所以你的孩子们都只是空气

EN: I aint tellin nobody how they should live they life
ZH: 我不是没人告诉他们如何应过他们的生活

EN: I got my own shit to deal with, so that just isnt right
ZH: 我有我自己的东西要处理,所以这不太合适

EN: Im just trying to leave the crib go out and live the night shit
ZH: 我只是想离开婴儿床走出去,活夜屎

EN: f-ck that, Im locked in the lab working
ZH: f-ck Im 被锁定在实验室工作中

EN: dropping the track beats, get bodied and bags certain
ZH: 删除跟踪的节拍,让饱满和有袋某些

EN: see the world through 1st 2nd and 3rd person, omniscient
ZH: 通过第一次的第二、 三人,无所不知看世界

EN: istening so efficient
ZH: istening 如此高效

EN: trapped in my own goal line ready to go the distance
ZH: 被困在准备好要去距离我自己球门线

EN: consider it a privilege
ZH: 考虑它一种特权

EN: that what you get to witness
ZH: 你来见证

EN: history in the makin'
ZH: 历史在犯

EN: you fuckin b-tches, just playin' with ya
ZH: 你他妈的 b-tches,只是玩你

EN: still in line waiting for my name to get called, ya
ZH: 还在排队等待着我的名字叫雅