Mac Miller - My Team (Blue Slide Park Album) (2011)

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Mac Miller - My Team (Blue Slide Park Album) lyrics

[Verse 1 - Mac Miller]
Come and talk shit, who the boss bitch?
Move the crowd now: Randy Moss shit
Sharks swimming in the water you'll get tossed in
I fuck her first class: I'm in the cockpit
It's obnoxious, it's bumping out my car

Making in a night what your daddy pull in yearly
See a little style, I got mine patent
Brand new Mercedes, cameras when I back in

Overly dedicated and overly medicated, for certain

I ain't talkin Slim when I say these bitches Shady

Chicken sandwiches and turquoise beads
? and some Levi's jeans
Never get no sleep, you know all about me
Meet my team, you know all about me
Come and meet my team

And if you see me, I'll be with my team
Drive my homie Illy probably in Supreme
Then you got Q that's my right-hand man
Shout out Little Dave sitting shottin in the van
Everyone I came with travel like a gang bitch

Got all these people asking what's next
Subsets of the ? life
I'm on top of the stage but under the lights
We invading your crib and fucking your wife
Poppin champagne, gonna spray it in her honor


Meet my team, I ain't tryna meet yours
What happened to that shit you was talkin before??
Girls: 1, 2, 3, 4