Mac Miller - Love Lost lyrics (Chinese translation). | I'm gone
, Cool, got a blunt gonna roll up two
, Don't panic cuz ima take over this planet
, They...
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Mac Miller - Love Lost (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I'm gone
ZH: 我离开

EN: Cool, got a blunt gonna roll up two
ZH: 凉爽,有钝会卷起两个

EN: Don't panic cuz ima take over this planet
ZH: 不要惊慌因为 ima 采取这个星球上

EN: They running this shit cut like a bandage
ZH: 运行此狗屎切他们喜欢用绷带

EN: On your man and all up on you band with
ZH: 对你的男人,贴在你带

EN: No beaver but got damn it
ZH: 但没有海狸该死

EN: This sour I smoke enhance it
ZH: 我抽烟这酸提高它

EN: Got a helicopter where should I land it
ZH: 一架直升飞机,凡应土地它了

EN: Been searching but can't find it
ZH: 已搜索,但无法找到它

EN: The things I do is timeless
ZH: 我做的事情是永恒

EN: Where the fuck did this kid find this rhyme shyt
ZH: 这孩子这样他妈的未找到此韵 shyt

EN: Hit line pif
ZH: 打线 pif

EN: Always see me chillin wit a fine bitch
ZH: 总是看我马桶机智精细的婊子

EN: Let her show me where her mind is
ZH: 让她告诉我她的心在哪里

EN: In silence it's private so silence
ZH: 在沉默中的私营如此沉默

EN: Wit a bently and a big backyard
ZH: 机智拓荒和大后院

EN: Freindly but a big redstar
ZH: 但大红星 Freindly

EN: I still show love more bud to roll up
ZH: 我依然显示爱更多芽卷起

EN: Smoke dubs so much to toke up out of basic art
ZH: 烟标语太多的基本艺术出了 toke

EN: Who maybe in the mood for a doob
ZH: 他们也许在 doob 心情

EN: If I roll one of these cheese up boy you gotta roll one to
ZH: 如果我把这些奶酪了男孩之一你不得不度过一个

EN: See I'm high but I'm stuck in skool
ZH: 见我很高,但我被困在 skool

EN: Don't know what the fuck to do
ZH: 不知道到底来做

EN: Self made design my own mind look a pair of custom shoes
ZH: 自作设计我自己的头脑看一对自定义的鞋

EN: So keep em fresh please fend the ball about to weight na S-P
ZH: 所以保持 em 新鲜请挡球约重量 na S-P

EN: Kritsky less weak
ZH: Kritsky 较弱

EN: Your spittin doesn't impress me
ZH: 你还停不能打动我

EN: You walking got two left feet
ZH: 你走了两个左的英尺

EN: Drink vodka wit my pepsi
ZH: 我百事可乐喝伏特加机智

EN: I'm drunk he's sober
ZH: 我喝醉了,他是清醒

EN: I'm starting it's over
ZH: 我开始它的结束

EN: Red rover red rover
ZH: 红红的火星探测车

EN: You can't break down my wall
ZH: 您不能打破我的墙

EN: My hour is so sour so I aint gonna answer calls
ZH: 我小时是那么酸所以我不会接听电话

EN: I'm lost
ZH: 我迷失了