MF Grimm - Freedom lyrics

Niggas truley hate me
Haven't seen me lately
Can't escape fate
Destiny has dates

Come one come all - follow me

People want to kill me
But they lookin silly really
I'm worth millions
Your blood just spillin

Come one come all - follow me

Shady individuals they dream about just killing you
Gentlemen pick your poison with pipe dreams
The bullets now they're filling you
Of . . .
Niggas act so cool with you but hatred runs so deep in hearts and veins
They fool theyself plus you

Extinguish your life (obtain radiation)
Transformation, life they take
Not all contracts are written
Some are verbal with a firm handshake
Blinded by unconditional love
You don't see what they're about to do to you
But mutiny is upon your ship
But still they seem like crew to you

( repeat intro and chorus )

Crew go down with sinking ship
But some seem real quick to abandon
Socialize with them other guys
Then how the fuck you my man then, what changed
Loyalty was everything
I just don't understand
If you are then give me a hand
And I am all alone I'm runnin out of ammo
Surrounded by the enemy
Fuckin with this witchcraft
I hear niggas are laughing at me
But it sounds just like bitch laughed "set me up"
May god forgive your soul
From crime scene i watch you flee
Fool me once it's shame on you
Fool me twice then it is shame on me

We'll see at the end of this blood bath
Who will get the last laugh nigga
Ha ha ha ha ha ...

I see them rise and fall, I see them rise and fall
Come one, come one, come all, Come one, come one, come all